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Photo Gallery

Course: Summer Academy 2010

61. photos
taken: aug 23rd - aug 27th 2010

Course: Baby Bobath

41. photos
taken: sep 25th - oct 11 2006

Course: Alternative communication

28. photos
taken: sep 8th 2006

Course: Hand function in children with cerebral palsy and allied disorders

54. photos
taken: sep 6th - sep 7th 2006

Course: Minor neurological dysfunction

44. photos
taken: sep 4th - sep 5th 2006

Course: General Movements

21. photos
taken: 30th mar - 1st apr 2006

Course: Bobath - Neurodevelopmental therapy

43. photos
taken: dec 12th - dec 16th 2005

Course: BOTOX therapy in children with neuromotor disabilities

26. photos
taken: aug 27th 2005

Summer Academy 2005 Kumpanija

15. photos
taken: aug 28th 2005

Course: General movements in newborns in evaluation of CNS function and disorders

13. photos
taken: aug 29th - aug 30th 2005

Course: Communication in children with Down syndrome

41. photos
taken: aug 31st - 1st sep 2005

Course: RETT syndrome diagnostic and therapeutic approach

taken: sep 2nd 2005

Course: Neurobiology of ADHD syndrome

24. photos
taken: may 6th - may 7th 2005

Course: Communication with autistic children

38. photos
taken: feb 21nd - feb 23rd 2005

Summer Academy 2004

30. photos
taken: aug 30th - sep 3rd 2004

Course: From clumsiness to cerebral palsy

14. photos
taken: may 26th - may 27nd 2005

Course: Munich functional development diagnostic

15. photos

Photo Archive

28. photos
taken: archive

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