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Welcome, today is monday 22. January 2018.
Poll Results
1. How often do you visit our Web pages? a) once a week
b) few times a month
c) few times a year
a) 49%
b) 33%
c) 14%
2. By your oppinion which content should be more comprehensive?

a) news about academy activities
b) professional news
c) professional script materials
d) photos from events

a) 35%
b) 14%
c) 47%
d) 1%
3. Do you register to courses by filling Web application forms? a) yes
b) no
a) 43%
b) 54%
4. Are you a member of academy? a) yes
b) no
a) 46%
b) 51%
5. Which member priviledge do you prefer the most?

a) forehand course notification
b) course fee discount
c) course script material (in digital form)

a) 65%
b) 12%
c) 19%

news news archive vote poll events